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David is passionate about aviation, all kinds of aviation. In addition to working in the aviation industry, he is also an airplane pilot, mechanic and historian. And would like to be a glider pilot and skydiver…

Graduated from the most prestigious school in France, l’Polytechnic Schoolhe completed his studies at Supaéroone of the leading aeronautical engineering faculties in Toulouse.

Its first job is the design of avionics for a wide range of airplanes and helicopters. He is among the pioneers of mapping and databases, creates certification requirements for innovative technologies and has worked with a wide range of customers, partners and suppliers in France, Germany, Canada, the UK and the US, including the FAA and EASA.

As Head of Airworthiness at Sky Aircraft, he contributed to the organization of this start-up aimed at designing the Douglas DC-3 of the 21st century and is now a recognized consulting engineer in the field of high level safety on-board systems, design certification and organization approvals with respect to all European and American aeronautical regulations.

It is uncompromising on simplicity and efficiency in the design of aircraft, engines and systems and on the paramount importance of safety. It also believes in social and environmental responsibility.

He created Avions Mauboussin with the dream of reviving a famous brand of French light aircraft from the 1930s and, at the same time, applying new technologies and green processes to general aviation.