The very urbane fighter

Dedicated to personal inter-urban mobility 2-seater tandem STOL airplane Adapted to small airfields For leisure flights, pilot training and other uses (air taxi, surveillance, data collection…)

Technical parameters

Optimised aerodynamics for short take-off & landing (STOL) and high cruise speed Airframe built in natural composite materials Hydrogen propulsion compatible with sustainable aviation fuels (SAF)

Technical parameters

Maximum power

100 kW

135 hp


740 km

400 NM

Cruise speed

250 km/h

135 kt

Take-off & landing distance

< 200 m

< 650 ft




Maximum take-off weight (MTOW)

700 kg

1540 lb

Useful load

250 kg

550 lb

Empty weight (SAF)

450 kg

990 lb





7.7 m

25 ft


11.5 m

38 ft